Business Areas:

MarCore Group provides specific or integrated Technical and Business Development Services to Maritime Operators, Ship Owners, Equity Investors and supporting Corporate Governance Stakeholders.


Our Value Adding Forces: 

Quality: In our world quality is to deliver exactly what our customers want at the right time, on the right location and at the lowest possible cost. We have many years of experience and knowhow in developing and implementing maritime projects and processes and in providing reliable price, time and risk estimates in different scenarios.

Responsibility: Our roots are in the Northern European shipping culture. We are dedicated, result oriented and open minded. We are direct in our communication and our staff at all levels takes responsibility of our processes. 

Availability: We have available resources to manage large and complex projects and processes. However, we use specific resources from our network partners, if needed, to fulfill our customer’s requirements, but we always keep the overall quality control in-house.

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